Samana, DR - Medical

About The Program

This opportunity will give you an insight into the running and daily routine of a hospital or a neighborhood health clinic. You will experience the stark contrast between Western medical practice and the realities of medicine in developing countries.

As the hospitals and clinics are still modernizing, there are many challenges faced and as a result you will also see medical conditions that have remained untreated and have developed to an advanced pathological stage. Therefore this project not only provides you with responsibility, it also allows you to broaden your perspective by working at a hospital/health clinic in a developing country.

This is a collaborative program with our local partners in the Dominican Republic. You can gain experience in a range of different departments and activities within the hospital/health clinic, such as: emergency, pediatric, maternity (only female volunteers), diabetes, integral attention & prevention for HIV, tuberculosis and uterine cancer as well as nursing, hospital administration and management assisting with accountancy and helping with statistics.


Program Flexibility

Thanks to our partners in Samana, we are able to be flexible with the program offerings. This program can easily become dual-social issue oriented. For instance, our partners operate a center in Samana that serves children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. If groups are interested in working with children and adults with disabilities, that may be incorporated into the itinerary.  Other social issues may include Environmental and Engineering.

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Fees & Inclusions

7 Day Housing Accommodations

Airport Pick Up & Drop Off Transportation to and from Volunteering Sites

Breakfast and Lunch on all Volunteering Days

24 hrs Assistance and Support from Staff

Detailed Pre-Trip Packet


** per person