Our Better Places (“OBP”) is a collaborative program between its director, Diana Perez, and the non-profit organization Outdoor Connections. OBP is centered around three tenets, Education, Conservation, and Outreach. As an organization we want to educate people via first-hand experience about the impacts of climate change in the most susceptible areas around the world, and how to help mitigate the detrimental impacts of such changes.

“You make a living by what you get.

You make a life by what you give.”
~ Winston Churchill

Our Mission

We believe that through first-hand experiences, people can develop a more intimate understanding of the problems that climate change brings. Our programs cover topics like coastal rehabilitation, youth education and development, habitat restoration, and more. Together, we can leave a better world for the people of tomorrow than what was left for us.


What we Do

  • We are dedicated to inspire and educate youth about environmental conservation through Direct Service.

  • We encourage our Volunteers to take actions on issues that matter to them and their communities.

  • We are in collaboration with nongovernmental organizations, schools, and other social welfare organizations across the globe to ensure that Volunteers recieve authentic cultural experiences and assist communities that are in need.

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